206 Baker St. Parking

We provide unattended monthly parking for clients at 206 Baker Street, Nelson, BC. All client's park at their own risk. There is no supervision of the parking lot.

Parking is on a month-to-month basis and may be terminated by 206 Baker Street Parking or the parking licensee on 30 days’ notice.

Parking is payable monthly in advance by pre-authorized credit card payment through Stripe, our third-party credit card processing supplier.

Charges will be processed at month's end for the coming month. The current parking rate is $75 per month plus GST. We reserve the right to increase parking rates on 30 days’ notice.

You will be required to park only in the numbered stall provided for you. In the event you find someone else is parking in your stall, we do not provide towing services or other methods for dealing with unauthorized parking.

Customers are free to post their own personalized parking signs in their assigned stall as a means of discouraging unauthorized parking and identifying their stall.

Questions or concerns may be sent to: 206bakerstreet@gmail.com


206 Baker Street Parking is operated by NDN Partners Inc. GST Registration Number: 821743515